Magando - TEMPTU

The airbrush make-up for home and travel

This all-in-one solution conjures a perfect airbrush finish for every woman by just pressing a button

The Temptu technology sprays a radiant, soft make-up on your face. With the fine weightless mist, less make-up is needed and at the same time it offers better coverage than traditional make-up.

Temptu Airbrush
For best results:
Hold the Temptu airbrush system about 8cm away from your face and apply the make-up with small, circular motions. The Atomized AirFlow technology creates a lightweight, micro-fine spray. It settles on the skin with the lightness of a feather. Only air and make-up touch the skin - brushes, hands or sponges are things of the past.
Temptu Airbrush
The uniquely precise airbrush method applies foundation, primer, concealer and corrector, already combined, in a silky soft and weightless manner on the skin, achieving an absolutely natural but perfected result. The adequate hue for every skin type, with nine different foundation shades.
A perfect, radiant finish within seconds, without being caked in make-up. With the Temptu Airbrush System, this is no longer a dream but reality!
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