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    Vabelle Intimate Crystal Tattoo
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Let's be honest, this is attractive: A beautiful woman or man lying on a sandy white beach, tattoos glistening in the sun. Because tattoos have long since lost their jailbird or sailor image and taken the hearts and skins of all kinds of people alike. They have won society over. Bad boys wear them, movie stars flash them, managers have them, athletes win contests with them... But one thing you have to keep in mind: These inky masterpieces last for a lifetime.

Problem solver temporary tattoo

So, what if they aren't such masterpieces after all, let's say, your girlfriends name is misspelled or what if the colorful butterfly swirling over your cleavage will have lost its soaring spirit after 40 years? Great dilemmas that would not have happened with temporary tattoos.

Henna is a "blessing"

Temporary ink has a long history. Henna tattoos go all the way back to the Bronze Age. Women in the eastern Mediterranean used the dye for ritual purposes - such as weddings or victory celebrations. The fine ornaments were regarded as having Barakah ("blessings") , and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. Popstars such as Madonna made them popular today.

No Pain, just gain

Aside from the fact, that they are easily erased, there is also no pain while getting temporary tattoos. With temporary tattoos there is no pain at all.

Temporary tattoos may also help you decide, whether or not to go for a permanent one. With these wash-away-skin-pictures you have the chance to test your tattoo behavior. Try a lovely, red rose on your shoulder. Or if you are looking for a grungy-look put a little devil on your neck. Why not experiment with a tribal across your shoulders? Everything is possible, just try it out.

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