Natural Makeup

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  1. Lavera Soft Eyeliner
    Lavera Soft Eyeliner CHF 3.00
  2. Benecos Natural Kajal
    Benecos Natural Kajal CHF 2.90
  3. Lavera Mineral Compact Powder
    Lavera Mineral Compact Powder CHF 8.20
  4. Annemarie Börlind Lippenstift
    Annemarie Börlind Lippenstift Special Price CHF 9.60
    our regular price CHF 13.70
  5. Benecos Eyebrow-Designer
    Benecos Eyebrow-Designer CHF 3.60
  6. Benecos Natural Lipstick
    Benecos Natural Lipstick CHF 5.70
  7. Lavera Trend sensitiv Beautiful Lips Lippenstift
    Lavera Trend sensitiv Beautiful Lips Lippenstift CHF 6.60
  8. Benecos Natural Concealer
    Benecos Natural Concealer CHF 6.00
  9. Lavera Volume Mascara
    Lavera Volume Mascara CHF 5.40
  10. Benecos Natural Vegan Volume Mascara
    Benecos Natural Vegan Volume Mascara CHF 6.60
  11. Benecos Natural Mascara
    Benecos Natural Mascara CHF 5.40
  12. Benecos Natural Mineral Powder
    Benecos Natural Mineral Powder CHF 6.00
  13. Annemarie Börlind Kajalstift
    Annemarie Börlind Kajalstift CHF 12.20
  14. Lavera Natural Concealer
    Lavera Natural Concealer CHF 7.80
  15. Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder
    Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder CHF 9.00
  16. Benecos Eyeshadow Brush 16 cm
    Benecos Eyeshadow Brush 16 cm CHF 4.80
  17. Annemarie Börlind Augenbrauenstift
    Annemarie Börlind Augenbrauenstift CHF 12.20
  18. Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Quattro
    Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Quattro CHF 6.60
  19. Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Solo
    Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Solo CHF 13.40
  20. Lakshmi Kajal
    Lakshmi Kajal CHF 29.20
  21. Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner
    Benecos Natural Liquid Eyeliner CHF 5.40
  22. Benecos Natural Lipliner
    Benecos Natural Lipliner CHF 2.90
  23. Annemarie Börlind Compact Powder
    Annemarie Börlind Compact Powder CHF 25.00
  24. Benecos Rouge Brush 12 cm
    Benecos Rouge Brush 12 cm CHF 9.00
  25. Sante Lipstick
    Sante Lipstick CHF 12.90
  26. Benecos Compact Powder
    Benecos Compact Powder CHF 6.00
  27. Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara
    Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara CHF 22.30
  28. Annemarie Börlind Feuchtigkeits-Make-Up
    Annemarie Börlind Feuchtigkeits-Make-Up CHF 20.70
  29. Benecos Natural Mascara Super Long Lashes
    Benecos Natural Mascara Super Long Lashes CHF 6.00
  30. Sante Nagellack
    Sante Nagellack CHF 12.90

Makeup is defined as care substances you use on your face to enhance it's appearance. So, what are these care substances? They are usually a mixtures of chemical compounds, some being derived from natural sources and many being synthetics. Doesn't sound too green now, does it? Surely those chemicals and synthetics have to be approved of by health organizations but they are still not natural. In general how much bigger is your ecological footprint, when using standard makeup?

New trend natural makeup - as old as beauty itself

Those are questions you have to deal with, if you are a standard makeup-user and want to be part of the Go-Green-Movement. Not though, if you swap your standard makeup for natural makeup.

Natural makeup is the new trend on the market - even if though it has been around for thousands of years and even longer. Archeologists are sure, that the old Egyptians wore makeup. Just think about the bust of the queen Nefertiti: She is not only famous for her astonishing beauty, but also her eyeliner. Surely she was wearing natural makeup, probably mineral makeup. The ancient Romans used beeswax, olive oil and rose water for wonderfully scented skin care products.

All natural ingredients

Nowadays natural makeup, such as skin care, is made of naturally derived ingredients such as herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers. These are combined with naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers - everything from natural soap to oils to pure water. Natural skin care has to be made up of botanically sourced ingredients, that actually do exist No synthetic chemicals whatsoever may be used. The manufacturing must be aimed at preserving the integrity of the ingredients.

Natural benefits

Natural cosmetics come with certain natural benefits, standard makeup may not be able to offer. Mineral cosmetics for example protect the skin from the sun and are waterproof. Come on into our MAGANDO online shop and check out the great variety of natural makeup products.

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