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So pure and natural: Essential oils

You are literally sick of all those chemically based products. You want to go back to the roots. You keep your ecological footstep in mind everywhere you go and take great care about choosing the products consumed in your household. Not surprisingly, that this lifestyle also involves your beauty and wellness products. Essential oils have become a number one essential for you and your family. Because only a few things are as pure and natural as essential oils.

Wellness comes with fragrance

They may already be essential items in your household, but to be exact, these oils are essential because they contain the essence of the plant's fragrance - the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it was extracted. Essentials oils smell so purely and clearly of the plants they come from. Close your eyes and imagine walking through full lavender fields, ripe oranges or cherry trees in bloom - just to name a few. Throughout centuries essential oils have been used in many different cultures for therapeutic and medical reasons. Today they are essential for any kind of wellness adventure.

Aroma therapy or skin care: The many different uses of essential oils

There are three uses for essential oils: aroma therapy, skin care or internal use. The wonderful scents, that are set free, when essential oils evaporate into the air: They have an incredible wellness effect on us. They relax or vitalize us, get rid of headaches or stimulate our imagination - there is the right oil for every situation. Essential oils are also used on the skin for care or as a massage oil. Some essential oils are especially distillated for oral intake. But these are especially labeled as such. Do not mix the purposes of the oils up. Each oil is specifically made for it's specific use. Just relax and browse through our wellness shop.

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