Strobing  The New Contouring

Forget the complicated application of Contouring! The latest makeup trend is called “Strobing”. Unlike contouring, the strobing technique results in a much more natural look and is faster and easier to use. The origin of the term “strobing” is the stroboscope. Just like the flashes of light at the night club, light is placed at exactly the right location.

Light accents emphasizing and highlighting facial features are placed strategically. The effect: refined facial features and a fresh, young and radiant complexion.

It works like this!

After applying the usual foundation, the highlighter is applied directly with your fingers on the bridge of the nose, the temples and the cheekbones, as well as above the upper lip. For an even more intense glow effect, a little highlighter may also be placed below the eyebrows, at the corner of the eyes and on the chin. You should not be skimpy with the highlighter! Finally, the highlights are faded with a brush and blurred with the makeup. Choosing shimmering and not glittering products is crucial. Cream highlighters are particularly suitable.

Strobing campaign

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